Is your space safe? Businesses and schools are installing protective materials and equipment, limiting surface touches in shared spaces and providing a well ventilated environment for employees and customers.

Do you need more space?  Now more than ever, families are looking at ways to renovate or add to their home so that they may live and work more comfortably. Times sure have changed; so has your family's need for space at home.


Picard Construction is here to help. We have  extensive experience with installing plexiglass barriers, retrofitting common areas with touchless plumbing and automatic doors, and improving ventilation with HVAC upgrades.

What else can you do to protect your employees and customers? Here is a helpful link:

CDC Office Guidelines

Picard Construction is here to help. We have been building additions and overseeing residential renovations since our inception. Let us help build your new home office, expanded living area or additional bathroom. 

Is a home renovation right for you? Here is a helpful link: Planning and Managing a Home Renovation 

Adapting Your Space in the COVID-19 Era